Trent Stamp, President & CEO of The Eisner Foundation

Trent Stamp, CEO of The Eisner Foundation, is determined to revolutionize how we think about age. He envisions a future where generations learn from each other, laugh together, and build a stronger world together. Forget nursing homes and segregated communities – this is about breaking barriers and fostering connection.

The Eisner Foundation: Intergenerational Philanthropy in Action
The Eisner Foundation’s unique mission isn’t just about funding good causes, it’s about a fundamental shift in our social fabric. “Everything we support is intergenerational,” Stamp declares. “We’re bringing young and old together to enrich each other and strengthen whole communities.” He sees philanthropy as a catalyst for reweaving the connections between generations that modern life has frayed.

Busting the Generation Gap: From Vision to Reality
Imagine a preschool bustling within a senior center, filled with laughter and shared learning. Or college students and elders supporting one another with housing and mentorship. These aren’t dreams – they’re projects powered by Stamp’s vision. “We’ve created these age-segregated ghettos, and it’s harmful for everyone,” he insists, advocating for shared spaces and shared purpose.

Backed by Science, Fueled by Impact
Stamp’s philosophy isn’t mere optimism; it’s rooted in evidence. Research shows intergenerational programs deliver profound benefits: elders find purpose and connection, youth develop empathy and understanding. “These aren’t just warm-and-fuzzy projects,” Stamp emphasizes, “They have the power to reshape how our society functions, making it healthier and more compassionate.”

A Revolution Against Ageism
The Eisner Foundation is challenging the very notion of age segregation. It’s not about pity, nor about handouts to either young or old. It’s about creating vibrant, mixed communities where wisdom and energy blend, sparking innovation and growth for all.

Imagine the Possibilities
Trent Stamp’s vision is infectious. Imagine communities where everyone, regardless of age, plays a vital role. Picture less loneliness, less division, more understanding – that’s the world The Eisner Foundation is working towards. It’s a future worth believing in, and a future worth fighting for.

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