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Denver Frederick is the Host of The Business of Giving, heard every Sunday evening from 6 to 7 PM ET on WMYM – AM 970 in New York. Each week he interviews nonprofit CEOs, corporate leaders, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs on the solutions that they are working on and investing in to make this a better world.

Denver is a Certified Professional Coach for leaders in the social sector. He is also a sought-after speaker on how to create healthy and robust corporate cultures in nonprofit organizations.

Latest Guest Interviews

Vivek Maru, Founder and CEO of Namati, Joins Denver Frederick

Every year, billions upon billions of dollars are spent by the international development community to improve the lives of people across the world. But a question to ask about this is: How effective can those dollars really be if 4 billion people, many of those same people who are being helped, do not have basic access to justice?  An organization that is addressing this epidemic of injustice head-on is Namati. And it’s a pleasure to have with us their founder and chief executive officer, Vivek Maru.

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Toby Norman, Co-founder and CEO of Simprints, Joins Denver Frederick

How effective can you be in helping someone improve their life if they have no formal identification? Likewise, how can they be agents of their own change if they lack that same identification? Difficult, maybe impossible. Yet, there are over one billion people worldwide who find themselves in this very predicament, preventing them access to essential services. Fortunately, there is a young and innovative organization that is tackling this head on. It’s called Simprints.

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Ann Mei Chang, Executive Director of Lean Impact and the author of Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good, Joins Denver Frederick

The social sector, with some notable exceptions, has approached solving problems in very much the same way for decades now.  And while that approach has yielded us some significant wins, it no longer seems to be up to the task for dealing with the scale of today’s problems. So, importing some of the best practices, such as a lean startup movement from business, making the right accommodations to fit the social sector seems like a pretty good idea, and the woman pioneering that idea is with us now. She is Ann Mei Chang, the executive director of Lean Impact and the author of Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good. Good evening, Ann Mei, and welcome to The Business of Giving.

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Shannon Farley, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Fast Forward, Joins Denver Frederick

The Silicon Valley story is familiar to most of us. A great idea, a visionary founder, accelerators, and incubators, angel investors, and so on. And it even sometimes ends in fame and fortune. But what about tech nonprofits? What do they do? Where do they go for funding? Who provides the support system for them? Well, up to about four years ago, the answer would have been, who knows? But now, it’s an organization called Fast Forward, and it’s a pleasure to have with us their executive director and co-founder Shannon Farley.

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Rebecca Rimel, President of The Pew Charitable Trusts, Joins Denver Frederick

Most listeners are familiar with The Pew Research Poll, but what they may not be aware of is that that’s just the tip of the iceberg to one of the most extraordinary, multi-faceted, and innovative charities in the country doing some really interesting stuff. And the architect of all this, building upon the legacy of the founders, is with us now. She is Rebecca Rimel, president and CEO of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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Jeffrey Walker, Chairman of New Profit and Co-author of The Generosity Network, Joins Denver Frederick

If I were to describe my next guest, the words I would use would be curious, eclectic, collaborative, and mindful. Those are wonderful attributes to have when you’re looking to identify some new ways to solve some very old social problems. He has been an executive with JPMorgan Chase, teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School, and has served or is serving as a chairman of more nonprofit boards than you can count– places like the Quincy Jones Music Consortium, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, and New Profit. He is Jeffrey Walker, who is all of the above and so much more.

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Peter Shulman, CEO of Urban Teachers, Joins Denver Frederick

One of the biggest challenges in the field of education is to find talented and committed individuals to teach in poor and underserved school districts, most of them located in the urban centers of America. An even bigger challenge is to keep them, to not have them burn out and leave the teaching profession altogether after just a couple of years. One organization that believes that it has found an approach to better train teachers, prepare them for the classroom, and lead them to become lifelong educators is Urban Teachers. And it’s a pleasure to have with us now their Chief Executive Officer, Peter Shulman.

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Joshua Wright, Executive Director of Ideas42, Joins Denver Frederick

Many social programs are designed based on assumptions of how people behave. But what if it turns out those assumptions are wrong? In that case, the program might not do any good at all and could even make the situation worst. At Ideas42, they look at why people do what they do, and the context where these decisions are being made– to help improve lives and drive social change. And I’m delighted to have with us the executive director of Ideas42, Joshua Wright.

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Sean Mayberry, Founder and Executive Director of StrongMinds, Joins Denver Frederick

Social entrepreneurs work to solve many problems such as poverty, education, and the environment. And there are many entrepreneurs from around the world working on the same problems. But then there are those challenges that although they affect tens of millions of people are essentially overlooked and completely ignored. One of those will be the mental health of women in Africa, particularly those suffering from depression. My next guest identified that need and established an organization to address it with some amazing results. He is Sean Mayberry, the founder and executive director of StrongMinds.

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Latest Better Than Most Segments

The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of Universal Giving

Tonight we will be going to San Francisco and to the offices of Universal Giving, an award-winning website to help people give and volunteer with top-performing projects around the world and where one hundred percent of each donation goes directly to the cause. We’ll start with their Founder and CEO, Pamela Holly and then hear from a couple other members of the team.

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The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of Room to Read

And this evening, you will be visiting 465 California Street in San Francisco, and the headquarters of Room to Read, an organization that is focused on girls education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa. We’ll begin with Geetha Murali, the Chief Executive Officer of Room to Read and then hear from other members of the team.

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The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of Glide Foundation

And tonight you’ll be going to San Francisco to visit a truly exceptional organization, the Glide Foundation. A radically inclusive, just and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. And as you’ll hear this organization has a profound influence on the people who work there.

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Interview of Denver Frederick, Host of the Business of Giving, conducted by Kyle Peterson, Executive Director of the Walton Family Foundation 

I am thrilled to talk about the subject of culture and the tour that you’ve been on.  You’ve been on a culture tour, Culture Tour 2018. You’ve talked to a hundred organizations. This is really important to me. It’s something that I have been curious about over the last 20 years. It’s something I’m working on now big time at the Walton Family Foundation. So, I’m curious to hear from you what you’re learning.

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Latest “Take 5” Lightning Rounds


A key differentiator of the highest performing nonprofits is their belief in Executive Coaching…and not just for the senior staff but for people throughout the organization. Not only is it transformative for the individual but for the whole organization. A “coaching culture” is becoming synonymous with places people thrive and want to stay.

2018 Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

2018 Harvard Social Enterprise Conference


A key differentiator of the highest performing nonprofits is their belief in Executive Coaching…and not just for the senior staff but for people throughout the organization. Not only is it transformative for the individual but for the whole organization. A “coaching culture” is becoming synonymous with places people thrive and want to stay.

What Leaders Are Saying

Earl Lewis - President & CEO of Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

“Every guest on any talk radio show wants a knowledgeable host who’s personable, engaging, and able to elicit smart, informed answers.  I found no one better at his job than Denver Frederick.  He not only knows the field of philanthropy, he knows how to ask the right questions and to garner answers that are crisp, often funny, and hopefully insightful.  He is a winner!”


Annie Griffiths - Executive Director Ripple Effect Images

“It was an absolute delight being interviewed for your program, The Business of Giving. In times like these, I believe Americans crave positive programming and innovative solutions. Your excellent preparation for our interview allowed for us to discuss important issues with candor and warmth. Many thanks for the work that you do.”

Adarsh Alphons - Founder ProjectArt

“This show offers influential platform where contemporary, global conversations about the hugely evolving sectors of philanthropy and social impact can be held in an easy to understand, fireside-chat manner. Its audience is ever growing, from millenials who demand brands become more socially conscious (think Toms to Warby Parker) to Baby Boomers, who will carry out the largest transfer of wealth in American history, with some of that certainly earmarked for philanthropy.”

Gordon Berlin - President MDRC

“Philanthropy is best thought of as the R+D arm of the social sector. It can take risks, try new approaches, and challenge conventional wisdoms. But if the lessons it learns are to have their intended effect on the making of public policy, it must also reach and inform the public. Using a radio interview broadcast format, The Business of Giving effectively plays that role, introducing leaders in the nonprofit sector working on the front lines of social change to the public at large.

Interviewing leaders from the nonprofit sector working to find solutions to some of the nation’s most pressing social problems, The Business of Giving forsakes screaming ideology and blustering attack in favor of educating, engaging and informing.”

Carol Glazer - President National Organization on Disability

“I can honestly say that in his striving for the “truth,” and his concern for in-depth reporting of issues, Denver Frederick makes you want to learn, and listen, more and more. He does his homework like no other journalist I know. That includes not only learning about the issues and the fields he’s covering, but the people he’s talking to. In an hour-long interview we had about disability in America and my organization that’s helping those with disabilities access jobs, Denver came prepared with chapter and verse knowledge not only about my organization and our field, but about me as a mother, professional and CEO of a nonprofit organization. All of the dilemmas, the conflicts, the joys and frustrations. The subtleties of politics and relationships. The ways in which leaders are called on to take risks, demonstrate optimism and courage, no matter what the odds.

He’s not afraid to ask tough questions, and he does his homework so well, he knows exactly what those questions are. He has stories galore, but knows when to keep quiet and let his subjects take the stage.

Aaron Hurst - Author of The Purpose Economy

“Denver is the gold standard. He knows his content. He not only makes you feel comfortable but pumped up. He is energizing and asks all the right questions and in a way that feels informal and like you are old friends. As importantly, he really gets the importance of marketing and that for a show to be successful it is about a lot more than a great interview.”