Be the exceptional nonprofit leader your organization needs to thrive and make a difference today.

The Business of Giving is every nonprofit leader’s master class for successfully navigating turbulent social and economic times. In addition to providing fresh, actionable ideas, it will validate much of what you and your team are already doing. Read it now to make quick, sound decisions about your increasingly complex management challenges.

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“So much important guidance in one place. Denver is in a powerful position, through years of his own experience, and extensive access to industry leaders. What a great resource he has created for us!”

– Ken Baker, CEO Glasswing International

Denver Frederick has developed deep and important insights about a topic that few have studied well. Denver has made a significant contribution to the field, and nonprofit leaders who want to build strong organizations need to read it.

– Louise Dube, Executive Director, iCivics

A straightforward guide to help any leader make the largest possible difference in their organization and the lives of those they serve.

– Clementine Jacoby, Executive Director, Recidiviz

Denver Frederick is a rare individual who led some spectacular successes in making real the renovation of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and many others. He also devoted much of his career to talking to nonprofit leaders…

Carter Roberts, CEO, World Wildlife Fund

Nonprofit leaders can learn from the best, as Denver curates the broadest possible lessons from his years of experience as a leader and coach of leaders. This should be top-of-the-read-pile for busy nonprofit CEOs – and their boards.

Karl Hofmann, CEO, Population Services International

“These past couple years have been especially hard for nonprofit organizations and few understand this nonprofit world better than Denver Frederick. If you’re a leader who is looking to navigate these unpredictably challenging times, this book is for you.”

– Jennifer Lotito, President and COO of (RED)

By skillfully blending the wisdom of subject experts with the experiences of nonprofit CEOs, Denver brings to life the best practices that all leaders should embrace to maximize their organization’s impact. This book is a must read!

– Dr. Robert Livingston, Harvard Kennedy School, Author of The Conversation

Nobody covers the philanthropy landscape like Denver Frederick. The number of leaders and experts he’s interviewed is astounding, and I’m so glad to see he’s distilled their insights intoThe Business of Giving, a book I’m delighted to recommend!

– Raj Kumar, CEO, Devex

Few can match Denver Frederick’s nuanced understanding of effective leadership in the not for profit world, or his skill in drawing insights from leaders through deep conversations about their work.

– Rosanne Haggerty, CEO, Community Solutions

Denver’s new book is a classic in the making. This must-read book will make every leader better.

– David Flink and Marcus Soutra Co-Foudners, Eye to Eye

This book is like a very fine wine—it is consumed smoothly and one keeps thinking about it afterwards! I can’t wait to share this book with my leader colleagues and friends.

Sean Mayberry, CEO, StrongMinds

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Mastering High-Stakes Challenges: Insights from Carol Kauffman, Co-Author of Real-Time Leadership

Carol Kauffman is an international leader in the field of coaching with more than 40,000 hours of practice. She was shortlisted by Thinkers50 as one of the top 8 coaches around the globe for her thought leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and contribution to coaching best practices. She founded the Institute of Coaching at Harvard and is now the co-author of a wonderful new book titled, Real-Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High.

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Navigating Feedback and Difficult Conversations: An Insightful Discussion with Sheila Heen

In today’s episode of The Business of Giving, we tackle the challenges of difficult conversations and receiving feedback. Whether it’s our personal or professional lives, these situations can be uncomfortable and often lead to miscommunication and hurt feelings. But fear not, my next guest is a world-renowned negotiation expert who will help us navigate these challenges with greater confidence and ease.

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Comic Relief US Journey to Continually Improve Its Workplace Culture.

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A key differentiator of the highest performing nonprofits is their belief in Executive Coaching…and not just for the senior staff but for people throughout the organization. Not only is it transformative for the individual but for the whole organization. A “coaching culture” is becoming synonymous with places people thrive and want to stay.

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Radio Show Host, Speaker, Moderator & Executive Coach

Denver Frederick is the Host of The Business of Giving.

Each week he interviews nonprofit CEOs, corporate leaders, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs on the solutions that they are working on and investing in to make this a better world.

Denver is a Certified Professional Coach for leaders in the social sector. He is also a sought-after speaker on how to create healthy and robust corporate cultures in nonprofit organizations.