Since 1981, the Santa Fe Community Foundation has been dedicated to improving the health and vitality of Northern New Mexico. As a comprehensive center for community philanthropy, they collaborate with hundreds of local nonprofits, connect thousands of generous donors to giving opportunities, and support causes that improve the quality of life for all in the region. And here to discuss this work, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead is Chris Goett, the president and CEO of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Chris Goett President and CEO Santa Fe Community Foundation

Empowering Communities Through Collaboration
For over 35 years, the Santa Fe Community Foundation has been at the forefront of positive transformation in Northern New Mexico. During an insightful conversation on The Business of Giving podcast, Christopher Goett, President and CEO of the foundation, provided valuable insights into their mission, values, and distinctive approach that sets them apart.

Goett passionately affirms, “Collaboration is key to driving positive change in our community. By working hand-in-hand with nonprofits and government agencies, we can amplify our impact and address the pressing needs of vulnerable individuals and families.”

At the heart of the foundation’s success lies its steadfast commitment to collaboration, recognizing the power of collective efforts to effect meaningful change. Goett firmly believes that through partnership with diverse stakeholders, they can drive the government to prioritize the well-being of those in need.

Addressing Housing Challenges: A Multi-Faceted Approach
To tackle the pressing challenges of safe, stable, and affordable housing in Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Community Foundation has taken a multi-faceted approach. Goett shed light on two remarkable initiatives during the interview, demonstrating the foundation’s innovative strategies and unwavering dedication to the community.

Goett reveals, “Our S3 Fund, a collaborative effort with various organizations, is striving towards six common goals to combat housing insecurity. By increasing affordable rental units, expanding homeownership opportunities, and preserving existing affordable housing, we aim to alleviate the burden faced by many.”

Emphasizing the impact of their work, Goett shares, “The Lamplighter Initiative exemplifies the potential of impact investing. We are converting a dilapidated motel into beautiful and affordable housing, ensuring that vulnerable families have a safe place to call home.”

The S3 Fund, born out of collaboration, aims to address housing insecurity through a comprehensive set of goals. By increasing the availability of affordable rental units and expanding homeownership opportunities, the foundation strives to create lasting change in the community. Similarly, the Lamplighter Initiative serves as a shining example of how impact investing can revitalize dilapidated spaces, providing beautiful and affordable housing options for those in need.

Cultural Nuances and Philanthropic Responsibility
Embedded within the cultural fabric of Northern New Mexico, the Santa Fe Community Foundation recognizes the importance of cultural nuances and the responsibility of philanthropy to address them. Goett discussed the rich heritage and values of the community, emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity and social justice.

Goett shares, “The people of Santa Fe have long embraced artistic expression and progressive values. We have been at the forefront of championing LGBTQ+ and Native American issues, recognizing the importance of inclusivity and social justice.”

Understanding the complexities of the community they serve, the foundation approaches homelessness with empathy and recognizes the limitations of governmental agencies. Goett emphasizes the pivotal role of philanthropic partnerships in leveraging impact investments and grants, allowing the foundation to unlock possibilities beyond the immediate capabilities of the city and county.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation’s collaborative approach and commitment to equity have propelled their success. Through partnerships with local nonprofits and government agencies, they drive lasting change. Their innovative solutions, like the S3 Fund and the Lamplighter Initiative, empower vulnerable individuals and families. Let their example inspire transformative change in creating inclusive communities that thrive.

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